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          The Travelling IN Sihui
          Source: Browse:5394 Time:2015-09-10

          The company organized the colleagues for two days traveling in Sihui , Guandong. of 24th and 25th . The early morning everybody returns to the company downstairs, With the leadership, we get to the bus and go to the destination..

          Although we are from different city, it doesn’t affect our communicated, exchange heart. On the way , we talk 、laugh and share harmony happiness. When getting to it, we eat delicious food 、play and chat happily. The anxious feeling is far from us. Everybody completely immerse on this mysterious land because of the peak mountains、the peasant family good food . The full of vigor and vitality colleague, the relaxed happy atmosphere, manifests the subjects in this traveling “the harmonious work harmonious life”.

          In this journey,, the general manager and administrative inspector have the development trend of

          company future , which strengthened everybody's will and belief. Although the company is still young and the road is also very long, we surely can undergo the wind and rain temperance with professional dedication. We make the more magnificent brighter furniture kingdom!


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