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          Strengthened Realizes& Attitude Of Team
          Source: Browse:109 Time:2015-09-10

          In the fourth anniversary eve of Shenzhen Creative furniture Limited, it has organized this two days tourism for managing staffs. In October 19th, 8:40 am, with the leader, 50 staffs went traveling in Qingyuan. On the bus, they are all happy by the director's splendid interaction , several hour flashed in the laughters.

          Arriving at the destination, the 1st station is “ Beijiang Three Gorges”. Both elegant mountains and rivers, which is green and luxuriant , it created the nature beautiful scene. Everybody appreciated the beautiful scene, at the same time they tasted the shellfish meal, a wonderful feeling in the heart. Then, on the way they visited the temple, which is well-known “the 19th paradise” in the China, everybody brought their reverent heart, prays the blessing tomorrow for the company.

          The 2nd station is Xinyin Zhan Hot Spring Tourism & Holiday Resert, It located the exit of the highway. In the services’ leadership, everybody carried the baggage to move in the room .An half hour later, they gathered on a spatial lawn. Immediately, the referee divided into all staffs two groups, participates in the“glass passing water、 the Pingpong passing”and some kinds of the activities. Each game has the strict rule, the failing side must accept “the penalty”, they must run twice on the ground. At the same time, each game not only need every member contribute their own intelligence and ability, but also need member's physical strength supporting; not only need the member's bold innovative idea, but also need make bold decision ; not only need believe itself, but also believe the team. In the whole game, each group's members try their best to gain the victory, no matter the men and women, there is only one goal- win the championship. The best moving scene is Pingpong game that is the one of the activities. Two groups of members must support the paper to let the ball transmit in the member’s hand, and the ball cannot pause for 10 seconds on the paper, cannot fall in the way. In the limited time, which group use the shortest time which group win. In the process, it unavoidably happened the ball stay too long or fall in the midway, but, everybody has not given up, after a defeat making a fresh start, the team tighted together, breathes altogether, shared a common fate, this is Creative Furniture , no defeat in any situation!

          Although the tourism activity has ended, but the combatant spirit which wins the championship for the group kept each staff’s mind; the happiness when they are successful is also in their heart .Through participates in the tourism , each department’s interior is more positive and united; between the department and the department has even more understood, promoted friendship between staff's. It created the good ideological foundation for constructing harmonious

          Environment in Shenzhen Creative Furniture Limited. With the unity & cooperation team, the goal for collectivization is not far away, we believe that the future is more gorgeous!


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