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          Results Bulletin of Third Quarter “Excellent Staff Selection”
          Source: Browse:2192 Time:2015-12-10


              Shenzhen Creative Furniture Limited held a commendation meeting to honor its third quarter “Excellent Employees” on October 8, 2015.

               “The good example around, the guiding force to move ahead” was a major feature of the selection highlights. The selected employees were Xiangbukui-the deputy officer-in-charge from Quality Dept.; Chenyangqiu-the carpenter supervisor, Qinxinxiang- the assembly worker, Luoyingquan- the woodworking group leader, Zhangyongsheng and Caoyoujiao- the paint and repair workers—the above five were from Production Dept.; Longzhonghai and Qinjian- the packers from Logistic Dept.; Lijianping- the electrician from Human Resources & Administration Dept..

              People who were selected as excellent employees in the third quarter of 2015 were given a formal commendation in writing in the company and were awarded 300RMB/person for the honor.

              Hope that every colleague (award-winning and temporarily not award-winning) can sustain positive and enterprising, work hard in our post and at the same time develop in an all-round way so as to stand out in next selection campaign. Creative has always seen advanced individuals in the eye, in mind and has been very grateful for their hard work. With their joining, Creative will become even better. 


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