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          Alone good in hot summer day!
          Source: Browse:135 Time:2015-09-10

          It’s a hot summer day, Have it blocked your shopping desire? Have it let your pace back and forth in the numerous exclusive agencies! This is the headache which many consumers and the business have, but in today, which the competition is increasing, how should they expand the source of tourists day by day? Discounts? Present? Actually our consumers don’t see, So that many businesses lose the temperament, has recited in the one side: “do you know I waited the flowers faded? ” In fact, besides the well known product characteristic, the shop decorated and the furniture is also important to collect human spirit in the shop.

          In the beginning of 2008, our company builds the symbiosis with Cardanro and Calfland by the specialized technology, then it has successfully finished the market’s localization. Before hot summer arriving , the exclusive agencies, such as Huadu in Guangzhou, Gongbei in ZhuHai, Jinan in Shandong, Dongxing in Guangxi, have finished day after day. When entering these shops, you will surprise its repairing style; like the unique furniture, immerse the romantic feeling ! It is the furniture that causes these beautiful、fashion clothes show individuality and widely known. Also it makes you show the real characters in the city life.

          It is alone good in hot summer day! Come on! Entering these shops, it is not only the shopping joy, but also visual fancy!


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