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          shocked deeply in soul
          Source: Browse:1978 Time:2015-09-10

          Life is like a drama, experiencing in the game of life An experiential training has impressed us so much. Like a sharp needles quickly in to the heart. In spite of severe pain. ,but left us endless thought and shock.! Experience 1: method PK will Instructors gave us a topic, which is heavy between the will and the way. Interse discussions be conducted by 8 groups. Some thought: the will has 30 percent,method has 60 percent . others suggestioned that: the will has 10 percent , method has 90 percent .eventually , instructors and teaching assistants set up the game” go to HongKong” lots of ideas for this ,no duplicate. Finally we understood that “ the will of 100 percent , the method of infinitely many . Experience2: Remove “armor” Under the guidance of music,instructors to set the scene, lead us to an abandoned valley. Which hides some of our secular point of view under the appearance. When we encountered resistance,always tend to confining our thinking using inherent ideological ,and set infinite number of obstacle for ourselves.leading to lost the way to forward. This experience gave us a feeling: when we are thinking , can not be too self. We must the body’s armor continuously Experience 3: across the grid This, leaving us profound impression. The entire staff of 90 persons. Male’s weight, height varies from female .Across a power grid is still a huge,difficult task for us.when the tutor arranged and announced the rule of task. We all thought that it need four or five hours at least to pass.we whispered,Don’t need to sleep , tonight. The time when we are hesitant, Mr bao standing up, to act as our coach. All of us becoming calm and brain-storming. Thanks everyone in the team. Thank you for your solidarity in the face of difficulties,gave the team confidence and strength, each member of the team be challenged by themselves.At this point, we would like to say that without the dedication of Mr bao.may not be able to through grid smoothly,what is a team? I think at that time, we had an idea.. Don’t need beautiful and exaggerative words only one eyes ,a word of encouragement, a pair of hands,and all of in heart. We also understand that in the normal work and life.Do anything need to try,needing to adhere .nothing is impossible to a will heart. Anything can be done ,as long as we try , as long as we adhere to. The training gave us far more than that, every minute ,every hour gave us a freshness and harvest.from a low face ,confused eyes to a face covered with tears,trustful eyes.I think everyone in the team experienced a spiritual baptism, have felt that I can challenge myself continuously, the team’s strength indestructible.


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