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          General Manager

          Dear Friends,

          Welcome to Shenzhen Creative Furniture Co., Ltd.

          The moment you visit the homepage of Shenzhen Creative Furniture Co., Ltd, then it is the time we start our cooperation. Here on behalf of the company, I express heartfelt thanks to the partners and friends who have cared about and supported the development of Creative Furniture for many years.

          Since the establishment in 2003, within 12 years, under the guidance of modern enterprise management philosophy, we introduce the sophisticated equipment at home and abroad, optimizing production craft to control the cost. And we update supporting facility continuously, with international standards, introducing professional high-skilled personnel and perfecting management system. The main direction of the company completes a gorgeous transformation, transforming from the professional furniture decoration company who aims at producing high grade, high standard and high quality furniture to the professional company who aims at providing solutions for brand image for different midmarket and high-end market customers.

          So far, we have successfully served many international renowned brands, including clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and shoes. While enjoying the recognition by customers, our company also develops with the speed of completing more than 1000 shops per year, including the furniture making and shop construction. And the shops have been opened in first-tier, second-tier cities in China and large and medium-sized cities abroad. We constantly absorb the newest culture at home and abroad, trying our best to help customers to improve their image.

          With a promising market, every aspect of the company has developed in a steady, healthy, and good way. And we all know that without the excellent staff, there won’t be the Creative. At the same time, the company will also provide opportunities for the staff, helping them to develop with the company.

          Looking into the future, hope and hardship, chance and challenge are waiting for us. And we will do as usual, serving our customers heart and soul. Meanwhile, welcome to Shenzhen Creative Furniture Co., Ltd, we will always be here for you. And we are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with all of you to get mutual benefit and development. Thank you!

          Shenzhen Creative Furniture Co., Ltd

          General Manager: Ding Jiawen


          Contact US

          Shenzhen Creative Furniture Limited
          86-755-2917 3110