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          Company Brief

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          Shenzhen Creative Furniture Co Ltd.is founded in 2004. It is located in the ZhiLi copper plant ,Building 1,2,3,2nd Village,Dashuikeng Comminity, Fucheng Town, Longhua District , Shenzhen. The land area is approximately 25000 square meters and the floor area is about 20000 square meters. It started by the early simple decoration project and processing manufacture, then continually renew the matching facilities and perfect the managing structure. Later it mainly develop the decoration of family private furniture and matching furniture of the exclusive agency. Insisting the managing idea for that “wins the market, the good faith ask forever” . It makes the exclusive designing 、exquisite workmanship、outstanding quality furniture , by the basis of which completely coordinate the needing for the commercial brand and satisfy the clients’ appropriation designing.

          There are hundreds of workers in the factory. It has the neat canteen and kinds of entertainment equipment such as Ping-pong room, poolroom, basketball ground and etc. The capacious and bright office ,maturity environment protecting equipment , polish machine set, the lofty workers skill and standardization management make the factory snugly and beautifully. Our company have the experienced and responsible engineers & supervisors, and also introduces the domestic & abroad advanced production equipment by the guidance of modern managing idea, which has realized the formalization production. We make the commercial exclusive agency’s image for high grade、high standard and high quality, also complete the marketing localization successfully for more than ten clients. It brings general clients’ affirmation and approval, and obtains their favor & affection! Giving excellent services to the old clients, we also unceasingly develop the mew customer and introduce society advantageous resources from omni-directional, multiple perspectives. According to the competitive global market , it also comes good reputation from customers both domestic and abroad.

          In the future, all of us will team up together tightly; engaging in the exploitation and innovation, basing on our best products quality and service to fly in our field, and using ourselves hardworking and wisdom to creat more and more wealth for our society.


          Contact US

          Shenzhen Creative Furniture Limited
          86-755-2917 3110